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My thoughts on the getting the flu shot

It’s already upon us. This seasons cold and flu season is now here. Currently, the CDC states that the cold and flu season has been relatively quiet here in Texas.  It is still early and still plenty of time to start looking into getting your flu vaccination.  I thought in order to encourage people to get their flu vaccination, I wanted to share some information regarding influenza and the flu vaccine and hopefully dispel some myths in regard to flu vaccines. The first thing to realize is that influenza is still a serious infectious disease that has a global impact. Worldwide, it has been estimated that 291,243 to 645,832 seasonal influenza-associated respiratory deaths occur annually. That is a surprising number that primarily affects those at higher risk such as young children and the elderly. But we do have seasons that are bad that even healthy people come down with the infection. Also, there is evidence that if more people get vaccinated for influenza, we develop a herd